About Us

We are nerds thoroughly! Once a term with a negative implication; It represents much more nowadays than it did in the past. Nerds are experts in their particular fields, they are indispensable and achieve remarkable things. They are the ones who dare to think outside the box and are not afraid of tricky tasks. They don’t give up easily and the most important thing – they enjoy their job. Each of us has turned their passion into their profession and we value that very highly.
We are intentionally here in the metropolis of Istanbul. An inspiring mixture between Europe and Asia – between modernity and the past – between sea and concrete. For good reason Napoleon once said: “If the earth were a single state, Istanbul would be it’s capital.”
In this metropolis we draw our strength and inspiration. Looking in all directions at once, we orient ourselves towards west and east, north and south, without forgetting our origins. We love doing what we do and we won’t give it up so soon. Let’s create something valuable together.
We are the nerds that everyone needs, eventually 🙂

The Team

Cagatay Aksoy

Chief Executive Officer & Designer

Leyla Guler Ulker

Finance & Accounting

Christian Riera

Sales Manager


Cem Tekulus

Backend Developer


Ertugrul Cihat Cakir

Frontend Developer

Marckenley Dorsainvil