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Corporate Design​

Branding, Design & Production

Corporate design (CD for short) or corporate identity (CI for short) is essential for the external perception of a company or person and its differentiation from other competitors.

Companies are permanently perceived and evaluated by people, intentionally or unintentionally. This happens fully automatically without us consciously understanding why a certain logo appears friendly or, for example, aggressive to us. Here, human psychology plays the main component and we have learned in the course of our lives to interpret certain signals in a very specific way. Red is quickly aggressive, but also eye-catching. Blue is considered the favorite color of most people, it appears serious but also cool. We use exactly these mechanisms when creating your corporate design.

We create a CD with which you and your vision can identify. We select the appropriate colors, shapes, fonts and other recognition features based on your target group and your project, and we make sure that you not only stand out from the competition, but in the best case surpass them.

Design is not chance, but calculated manipulation of human instincts with a success-oriented goal in the background.